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Worsley Road Methodist Church

Worsley Road.jpg

Ceased to meet February 2014


Where Worsley Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 5SF

A Brief History

The first Methodist services in the Swinton area were held in houses at the beginning of the 1800s. With increasing numbers, a small Chapel was built on Station Road in 1809. This was replaced in 1850 by a new preaching room and Sunday School in two cottages on Shaftsbury Road. Again numbers grew and a new Chapel was built on Worsley Road in 1865, followed by a new building on the same site in May 1900.


Worsley Road closed in February 2014, due to the building no longer meeting Health and Safety requirments and repairs were prohibitively expense. Members dispersed to a number of the other Churches in the Circuit or others in the area.


The website remains online with more information of it's history - and can be accessed here.

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