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Patricroft Methodist Church

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Manchester Road Methodist Church ceased to worship on 3rd March 2019, with its congregation dispersing to other churches in the area.

Celebration of the Life of Patricroft Methodist Church


On Sunday 25th October 2020, we holded the final act of worship from Patricroft Methodist Church. The service, led by Rev Clare Stainsby and featuring contributions from current members and past minister, will remain on our YouTube channel indefinitely.

About Patricroft


Patricroft Methodist Church ceased to worship at the end of October 2020, and celebrated the Church's work with a special online service on 25th October.

A Booklet of memories about Patricroft has been put together to mark it's sceasing to worship. It can be read here.

A Brief History

Formed by the amalgamation of Trinity and Ebenezer Churches in 1964, with Barton following in 1968. The new building (on the Trinity site) was opened in 1972. Winton Church joined in 1975. Bridgewater Street Mission had previously merged with Winton. The remaining Sunday School buildings date from 1884 with major refurbishment in 1994.

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