We are Methodists at the Climate Strike

On Friday 20th September, millions of people around the world gathered in public spaces around the world to demand action against climate change in Climate Strikes. The movement, started by 16 year old Greta Thunberg, is driven by young people passionate about saving our planet.

In Manchester, there was a strong Methodist presence in St Peter’s Square, standing behind our ‘We are Methodists’ banner.

We are Methodists

Beryl Emery, one of our Circuit Stewards was one of them

“It was a privilege to be at the Climate Strike last Friday under the Methodist banner. I was pleased to see lots of young people there, not just 20 -somethings and teenagers but younger children in school parties with their teachers.

The atmosphere was very positive and the speeches thought provoking.

I have never liked the chant "what do we want..., we want it now " but on this occasion I was swept along with it and joined in.”

Our banner amidst the crowds

After listening to speeches from young people, and political leaders the protest started to move.

"We set off to march down Ancoats where a new car park is planned, singing and chanting and waving banners" said Anne Huddleston. "It took as an hour to walk down as the crowd was so huge and the Metrolink staff, student stewards and police officers guided us safely over the tram tracks and closed off roads along our route."

Anne reflects " Greta Thunberg has started something amazing. It has caught thhe eiimagination of so many young people around the world. One voice can be heard. One million voices can't be ignored."

If you like to find out more about the Methodist response to climate change, check out the Joint Public Issues Team website.

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