Update on Messy Church at The Height

The team at The Height have decided to pause Messy Church there for now, as they explore how best to engage with the community they serve.

Numbers have been low for some time, and a number of the children who did come have grown up and out of the target age-range. So for now, Messy Church won’t happen at The Height, but there is a view to do some thinking with the possibility of something new starting in the Autumn.

We are extremely thankful to all those who have given of their time, effort and money over the years supporting Messy Church at The Height. We know that those families who have come are also very grateful.

An exciting new project, Height YTH, will be starting soon at The Height, providing a place for teenagers to come, socialise and engage with the big questions people their age face. This will be a new piece of community outreach which we are very excited about. Keep you eyes out for more information as it happens.

Messy Church at Wesley will continue as normal, and the new Messy Project at St Mary’s Primary School, Cadishead is now up and running - you can find out more about this at www.salfordcircuit.org.uk/messy-project

We ask for your prayers for the work with children, young people and families in on The Height, the new projects and all the volunteers.