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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This is the second in a series of blogs from people across the Circuit. It is a space for people to reflect, think out loud, or grapple with faith and church life.

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This blog was written my Matt Collins, our Communications Coordinator

“Out of the mouth of babes…”

How often do we use that phrase when a child says something silly, adorable or innocent? Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear that phrase it is usually proceeded with a chuckle and said in a patronising way.

But when Jesus uses those words in Matthew 21, quoting earlier scripture, he follows it with

“...Have you prepared praise for yourself!”

And it’s these words I think of when I read this year’s 3Generate Manifesto.

A bit of background, 3Generate is the Methodist Churches Children and Youth Assembly, in November each year, over 1000 young people aged 8-23 linked to Methodist Churches all around the country descend on Pontins in Southport for a weekend of fun, faith and friendship. Through workshops, activities and worship they explore their faith, the church and the world. This is then turned into the 3Generate Manifesto, setting out their challenge to themselves, the Church, and those of us in the pews.

Their wisdom, understanding and willingness to question the status quo never ceases to amaze me.

So, in this year’s manifesto, which you can see here calls for a church that knows, shows and shares God’s love.

The call on young people, churches and all of us to, amongst others:

  • TAKE ACTION on homelessness in LOCAL AREAS

  • SEEK THOSE who are lonely and struggling AND DO SOMETHING to help them

  • CREATE safe spaces INSIDE & OUTSIDE the Church where people DON’T JUDGE BUT LISTEN and offer SUPPORT.

(The emphasis is their's, not mine.)

See the others in the image above.

These are all things that shouldn’t been new to churches. But they fact they are being explicitly called for by the young people of our Church means that there is obviously more we can do.

There are ideas and resources available at on the 3Generate Website.

Let's hear the prophetic words of our young people, take them seriously and take up the challenge they set.

So, what does your church currently do in relation to the points in the manifesto? Let’s be honest...

What need is there in your community, and the community your church serves?

What is God calling you to do - what is the booming voice or the annoying little niggle challenging you on?

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