Lenten Meditation from Monton

Throughout Lent, Monton Methodist have been dressing their Tree of Life with the elements of Lenten symbols. They will be continuing to do this even while we no longer physically meet for worship. Below are some pictures along with the Meditations.

1st Sunday in Lent - Bread and Wine

‘Then he took bread, broke it and gave it to his disciples saying ‘take and eat’ – ‘This is my body’. Then he passed to them the cup and said ‘drink from it’ – ‘This is my blood shed for you’

His body was broken,

Not for the few,

The special,

The elite,

But for us,

And for many.

His blood was shed,

Not for the good,

The blameless,

The holy,

But for us,

And for many.

Lord, as we place the bread and wine so may that same bread always nourish us and that same life-giving drink may refresh us day by day. In your name. Amen.

2nd Sunday in Lent - Towel and Basin

‘Jesus left his place at the table, took off his cloak and tied a towel around his waist. Taking a basin of water He began to wash the disciples’ feet’

See, He kneels, the servant King,

Full of gentle care, of sadness,

Longing to draw closer to those he loved, and soon would leave,

…reaching out to touch and bless them.

As we place the towel and the basin so we pray that we might be people of gentleness, of hospitality, of humility .. for that is how God has come to us. Amen.

3rd Sunday in Lent - Bag of Coins

Afterwards they went to the Mount of Olives and entered the garden of Gethsemane. There Jesus knelt in prayer.

Judas stepped forward and greeted Jesus with a kiss, and the guards arrested him. But the disciples ran away.

Gethsemane; temptations empty stage,

Where followers fell and Satan sighed and laughed.

The hoard drew nearer and darkness flames as torches filled the night.

The coldest kiss pressed in the evening’s chill

Against the face of one whose life had been love.

As we place these coins the symbol of Judas’ betrayal. We know there are times when we betray Jesus without thinking. We are sorry and in this moment we acknowledge our part in His crucifixion. Lord forgive us.

4th Sunday in Lent - Purple Robe and Crown of Thorns

Jesus was taken to the courtyard where the soldiers began to beat him. They hit him, spat on him, and dressed him in a purple robe. They made a crown out of thorn branches and pressed it on his head. They bowed down to him and shouted ‘Hail, King of the Jews!’

Come and see, come and see,

Come and see the King of love;

See the purple robe and crown of thorns He wears.

Soldiers mock, rulers sneer

As He lifts the cruel cross;

Lone and friendless now,

He climbs towards the hill.

As we place the robe and the crown of thorns so we stand and watch..Quiet..wondering if it is too dangerous or too inconvenient to speak up for him. Jesus we are with you now entering a little into your pain. Help us to know that you are always with us.

© 2018 Salford Methodist Circuit.