JMA - Junior Mission for All

As I am sure you are aware J.M.A was created so children would be able to learn about and support the mission of the church around the world in a fun, creative way while collecting funds to help others and to support the Methodist Church World Mission fund and Mission in Britain fund. Each quarter the children who collect receive a Rainbow J.M.A magazine telling inspiring stories about mission around Britain, Ireland and the world from a child’s point of view. And it’s time for this quarters but due to lockdown I am unable to share the Good News in the usual way. But don’t worry you can download it from the following link.

This edition is celebrating how each one of us has different abilities and unique talents, and how we are all special in God’s eyes and we should Never Give Up! A very important message I feel at this time. I hope you all enjoy and keep safe. Emma Brocklehurst. J.M.A secretary.