Experiencing Church with Monton Green Primary School

Last Tuesday (4th June) Monton Methodist Church welcomed 40 year 6 pupils from Monton Green Primary School to Experience Church.

Experience Church is an interactive, multi-sensory way to engage primary school children in learning about their local church and how Christians worship and practice their faith today.

During the hour each group were at they church they visited five stations, spread out around the building, where they learnt that:

The Church Welcomes – around the font they were told that baptism is when a person is welcomed into the church family. They placed folded crosses into the water, which then opened to reveal the word ‘Welcome’.

The Church Teaches – at every service part of the Bible is read from the lectern. Jesus used birds and flowers to explain God cares for all living creatures and does not want us to worry about the things that we need. The children made a bird to hang on the tree as a reminder.

The Church Prays – we can pray anywhere and at any time, but in church Christians can pray together. The children wrote prayers and put them on the cross. On the upright of the cross, which is like a big ‘I’ they put prayers for themselves. They put prayers for others on the crossbeam, reminding us of outstretched arms.

Rachael ready to make stained glass jars

The Church Serves – under the stained-glass window at the back of the church, the children were told that Jesus wanted his followers to live lives that would light up the world with God’s love! They made their own stained glass showing something that will make the world a brighter, happier place.

The Church Celebrates – around the communion table, set for communion, we talked about the Last Supper, a celebration meal that Jesus had with his disciples before he died, and how they were told to do this to remember him. They coloured cards to decorate the table for the celebration.

The sessions were brought together at the end with The Church Shares, held at the door. The door is the way out as well as the way in. As people go out, they remember what they have experienced and learnt in the service. They also remember Jesus’s Great Commission to go and tell others about him.

The children were asked to write what they would most like to tell someone who had never heard of Jesus. These were stuck on the door as they left to go back to school.

Thanks to Anne Styan for the write up , which will also appear in the Monton Church Newsletter

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