Church Building Update

Last week the government issued a statement that churches can re-open for prayer, which has caused some confusion. The position we are in that for the time being our churches will remain closed. Eventually we expect to receive guidelines from the Connexion on what measures need to be put in place in order for the life of our church buildings to resume in some way. That guidance is not expected until at least July, and when it does come we can expect that the instructions will leave us a long way from the normal we knew before. 

One thing I am very clear about is that God’s people - God’s church do not need to be a particular building in order to pray. We may miss our church buildings very much, but we have learned that we can pray in our homes and in our gardens, and that God is no less present than when we are together in a church building. The words we pray and the confidence with which we pray don’t matter. Prayer is not just for trained preachers and worship leaders - it for all people. And all of us can pray wherever we find ourselves, and whenever the desire to do so comes upon us. Let’s continue in that practice and remain patient for the right time to reopen.  

Rev Clare Stainsby - Salford Circuit Superintendent

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