Life of the Circuit - Videos

Being a Pastoral Visitor

Jennie, our Pastoral Visitors Secretary, talks about the role of a Pastoral Visitor, and why she does it.

This was recorded at Pastoral Visitor Training in October 2018.

Luncheon Club at The Height

Diane, one of the Luncheon Club Coordinators, talks about why they run a Luncheon Club for the over 55s on Irlams o’th’ Height.

This was recorded at the Luncheon Club Christmas Party in December 2018.

Foodbank at Boundary Road

Liz, the Foodbank Coordinator, talks about volunteering at the foodbank and the good work it does.

This was recorded at the Foodbank in December 2018.

The Role of a Circuit Steward

Beryl, one of the Circuit Stewards, talks about the role of a Circuit Steward and how she came to do it.​

This was recorded in February 2019.

Messy Project - Afterschool Club

Messy Project is a joint initiative between the Salford Circuit and St Marys CE Primary School. Learn more about it here.

This was recorded in May 2019.

What's the Story - John Brocklehurst

John Brocklehurst, one of our Local Preachers, share a bit of his story .

This was recorded in October 2019.