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Rev. Jeff Walker has now retired from the Ministry. His Farewell Service was held at Patricroft on 11th. August 2013.

In Methodist parlance he has ‘sat down’!

Jeff with daughter Charlotte

Jeff was presented with an embroidery depicting all ten churches in the Salford Circuit.

Welcome, Kim

Farewell Service

for Rev. Ken Stokes,

held at Patricroft on Sunday 26th July 2015.

Pictured here with his wife and son, Lesley and Michael, together with Rev. Roger Stubbings, a previous Circuit Superintendent minister. We wish Ken and his family well in their new Circuit.

Revs. Roger Stubbings (left) and Ken Stokes

Social gatherings after the Services

Welcome Service

for Rev. Clare Stainsby, held at Patricroft on Tuesday 8th September 2015.

Clare is pictured here with Rev. Andrew Lunn (Chairman of the District), Tracy Brennan (left) and Senior Circuit Steward Carole Burgess (right)

Farewell Service

for Deacon Alison McCauley.

The Service was held at St. Paul’s, Irlam on Sunday July 15th

We send our best wishes to Alison and family as they move to their new Circuit.